Communicable Disease

The Communicable Disease Division of the Southwest Utah Public Health Department supports the mission of the Health Department by four methods:

  • To promptly investigate disease cases and outbreaks and unusual situations and to implement control measures to minimize further transmission of disease
  • To monitor disease-reporting by physicians and laboratories in order to detect trends and to assess the public health impact of diseases
  • To provide a channel of communication between the Utah Department of Health, other local public health agencies, private physicians and hospital and occupational infection control personnel as an essential part of disease control efforts
  • To explain public health interventions and disseminate health education messages to the community and the media in order to enhance disease control efforts.

Disease Reporting Requirements:Utah law requires that certain diseases be report by healthcare providers in a timely manner.  The following section is taken directly out of the Utah State Health Code.  Reporting communicable disease is a requirement that bypasses HIPAA regulations.  For the complete list of reportable diseases and details click here.

26-6-6 – Duty to report individual suspected of having communicable disease.

The following shall report to the department or the local health department regarding any individual suffering from or suspected of having a disease that is communicable, as required by department rule:

  1. Health care providers as defined in Section 78-14-3;
  2. Facilities licensed under Title 26, Chapter 21, Health Care Facility Licensure and Inspection Act;
  3. Health care facilities operated by the federal government;
  4. Mental health care facilities;
  5. Care facilities licensed by the Department of Human Services;
  6. Nursing homes and other care facilities;
  7. Dispensaries, clinics or laboratories that diagnose, test, or otherwise care for individuals who are suffering from a disease suspected of being communicable;
  8. Individuals who have knowledge of others who have a communicable disease;
  9. Individuals in charge of schools having responsibility for any individuals who have a disease suspected of being communicable; and
  10. Child care programs, as defined in Section 26-39-102.

For further questions please contact our Epidemiologist & TB Control Nurse, Danielle Timothy (, at 435-652-4068 (direct line) or 435-668-0342 (work cell).

Or contact our Surveillance Epidemiologist, Kassidy Peterson (, at 435-668-4980.