International Travel Clinic Videos

Traveling outside the U.S. for business or pleasure? Going on a church or humanitarian mission?

Our International Travel Clinic can help keep your dream vacation from becoming a nightmare by providing the medication and expert travel advice you need. Immunizations can also help reduce your concern about needing health care in a foreign country. Out of 30 million Americans who travel abroad each year, approximately 8 million will be traveling to lesser-developed countries where the incidence of tropical and infectious diseases is high. Almost 2 million U.S. travelers are exposed to malaria each year. Many of these people are not warned about malaria’s life-threatening risks.

The travel health specialists at the International Travel and Immunization Clinic provide prospective travelers with pre-travel counseling along with immunizations and medications needed to stay healthy while traveling abroad. Post-travel referrals are also available to returning travelers who develop a travel related illness.

Watch our three Travel Clinic videos to learn general safety and wellness information to help you stay healthy and safe while traveling.

More specific information will be given to you by your Public Health Nurse.