Septic Systems

Utah regulations require that all wastewater be disposed to an approved sewer or onsite wastewater (septic) system.

The Southwest Utah Public Health Department Environmental Health professionals can assist in applying for a septic system permit, answering questions or concerns throughout the construction process, and maintaining your system in proper working condition.

EH Application Review Period

The Septic System Application Checklist lists all documents and information required when submitting a Septic System Application.

Property owners and contractors must perform soil and percolation tests before designing a septic system and completing a Septic System Application. Utah regulations require that certified individuals or engineers perform soil testing and design septic systems. An up-to-date list of Certified Onsite Professionals can be found at this link.

A Homeowner Guide to Septic Systems by the EPA can be a valuable resource for homeowners. Please contact your local health department office for additional information or for other Environmental Health programs related to wastewater treatment and disposal, including:

  • Alternative (Advanced) wastewater treatment system applications or rules
  • Subdivision feasibility studies and applications
  • Liquid waste pumper applications or rules

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