Water Lab

The Lab is certified under the Utah Department of Health – Environmental Laboratory Certification Program (US EPA #UT00955).

As a certified water laboratory it can conduct basic water tests for Public Drinking Water Systems and Public Pools.

It may also, upon request by the owner, perform tests for private drinking water systems and private swimming pools or spas.


The tests that the Lab are authorized to perform include coliform bacteria and E. coli bacteria analysis (presence/absence and Quanti-Tray analysis). It can also perform a heterotrophic plate count (HPC) through SimPlate analysis. Each of these tests must be conducted in accordance with strict quality control standards. If you wish to have any of these test performed, please see the sampling instruction below.

The Lab will also perform basic pool chemistry tests conducted through photometric analysis. While not a state certified test, these tests are generally more accurate than the tests standardly preformed poolside.

The Lab can provide collection services for those needing regular ongoing sampling. Sampling bottles may be obtained from the Lab free of charge fort those collecting their own samples.

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