Southwest Utah COVID-19 Update

News Release (May 27, 2020)

 Southwest Utah COVID-19 Update

SOUTHWEST UTAH – The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Southwest Utah since the first positive case was reported in the five-county district on March 6th, 2020. An average of 11 positive COVID-19 test results have been reported per day to the Southwest Utah Public Health Department (SWUPHD) over the past two weeks, mostly in Washington County. While Iron County also has active cases being investigated, Beaver, Garfield, and Kane counties currently have no known active cases of COVID-19.

“In Utah, we have a 99% recovery rate for those infected with COVID-19”, states Dr. David Blodgett, SWUPHD Health Officer. “However, people over age 60 or those with underlying health problems are more likely to have complications or be hospitalized. That’s why it’s so important for them to have limited contact with others and for the rest of us to keep things running while protecting them.”

The SWUPHD encourages all residents to follow Governor Herbert’s directives. Southwest Utah is currently under Yellow (low-risk) guidelines, although individuals and businesses should still keep at least 6 feet between people or household groups (masks should be worn in close range of others). High-risk people should continue Red precautions until further notice, including wearing masks when in public.

“It’s impressive how our local officials, schools, hospitals, and businesses have responded during this difficult time,” says Dr. Blodgett. “Many people in our community have stepped up to serve each other and find creative solutions. Our hospitals remain below critical capacity and COVID-19 testing is widely available. We hope to see our case rates decrease in the near future as we continue social distancing, which remains our most important effort in dealing with the virus and keeping our vulnerable residents safe. This is also a time for patience and tolerance as we deal the best we can with uncertainty.” 

Local COVID-19 case reports and updates can be found online at and at swuhealth on Facebook.

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The mission of the Southwest Utah Public Health Department is to protect the community’s health through the promotion of wellness and the prevention of disease. Visit our website at

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