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Baby Your Baby is a program to help you enter early prenatal care by allowing you to complete a short application to determine whether or not you might qualify for Prenatal Medicaid.

If you qualify, you may use your Baby Your Baby eligibility card to pay for routine prenatal care visits, OB ultrasounds, some pregnancy-related medications and other out patient pregnancy-related services for a limited amount of time. While on Baby Your Baby, you will need to make a formal Medicaid application. To qualify for the program you must :

  • Be pregnant
  • Be a Utah resident
  • Be a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted as a permanent resident – that is you have had a “green card” for five full years
  • NOT already be on Medicaid or enrolled in the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or the Primary Care Network (PCN) Program
  • NOT have already received a Baby Your Baby Card for this pregnancy
  • Have a gross income under a specified amount for your household size
  • Photo ID required for services

Eligibility is based on your household size (including the unborn baby) and gross monthly income (before taxes) as well as other basic program guidelines. Use the table below to decide if you may qualify for financial help through Baby Your Baby.

Income Guidelines for Baby Your Baby

Presumptive Eligibility – Effective March 1, 2020

Family SizeMonthly Amount
Each additional family member add:$519

Where to Apply for Baby Your Baby

There are many places in Utah that you can apply for financial help through the Baby Your Baby Program. To find the Health Department office nearest you, check the list below or call 1-800-826-9662. You can also visit the Baby Your Baby website to learn more about the program and the Medicaid Website to apply.