The SWUMRC values and appreciates your time and expertise.

We work diligently to ensure that you have the most enjoyable and meaningful experience possible volunteering in the community.

Upon registering as part of the SWUMRC, each volunteer will undergo a brief orientation with the MRC Coordinator. The orientation is a chance for the MRC Coordinator to get to know you, discuss your goals as part of the SWUMRC, and answer any questions you may have. Also at this time volunteers will receive a volunteer handbook and have a chance to sign required consent forms. If you have not completed your orientation, contact the MRC Coordinator, Suz Roam, to schedule a time for your orientation.

As a SWUMRC volunteer, it is important that we are able to contact you in the event of an emergency. Please keep your personal information up-to-date on your www.utahresponds.org profile so that we are able request you for deployment if necessary and identify you when reporting on-site.  In order to utilize you to your full potential, your professional information (including certifications, licenses, training, and skills) must be complete and accurate.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Warren Jederberg

How long have you been with MRC?

I have been associated with the MRC since April of 2009.

Why did you join MRC?

With my background in Microbiology and Emergency preparedness, I saw MRC as an opportunity to use my knowledge and experience to help our community prepare and respond to Public Health and other emergencies.

What has been your favorite part, project, etc. with MRC?  

The activities which have appealed to me the most are: 1) participating in Flu “Shoot Outs”, 2) Helping develop plans for future of the MRC support for the SWUPHD mission, 3) interacting with the other volunteers in all the activities.

What do you/have you done professionally?

I am a retired U.S. Navy Commander and served in the Armed Forces for 28 years. As such I was able to put to use the knowledge gained from my two Masters of Science degrees in Microbiology and Toxicology. I was involved in the research and development of Chemical Warfare medical countermeasures, response to terrorist use of Weapons of Mass Destruction, instructing military medical personnel world-wide on the signs/symptoms of exposure and treatment of casualties from exposure to chemical, biological, and radiological agents.  As a member of Chief of Naval Operations Antiterrorism/Force protection group (N34), I evaluated the preparation of Naval Bases for conventional and non-conventional attacks.   I have been published widely in reviewed medical journals and have contributed to several toxicology textbooks as an author and editor.

What are some of your interests or hobbies?

I enjoy hunting, fishing, and photography.

Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or your goals?

Along with my wife, Mary Beth, I hope to continue to be involved in programs that help our community prepare for potential events that we hope never happen.