Healthy Living Challenge Ends With Success

KANAB, UT – The Healthy Kane County Coalition recently awarded prizes to the finishers of the first-ever Kanab Healthy Living Challenge. Teams and individuals from Kanab, Orderville, Fredonia and Glendale competed for points, weight loss, inches lost, and body fat reduction. Prizes included $100 gift certificates to Duke’s Clothing and Knuckle Heads bike shop, along with CamelBaks, Fitbits, and 1-month passes to Best Friends Wellness & Fitness Center.

“The goal of the Healthy Living Challenge was to improve the overall health of local residents,” says Lexie Little, Community Outreach Specialist for the Southwest Utah Public Health Department. “We focused on nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and mental health. We had 150    participants join in, ranging from 5 to 87 years old. We saw people experience great success as they put forth the effort to follow the challenge guidelines.”

Participants tracked their steps, vegetable and fruit consumption, water intake, and sleep; and     were awarded points for each portion of the challenge completed. Weekly newsletters promoted healthy recipes and nearby trails. Overall totals were:


  • 326.4 pounds lost


  • 128.9 inches lost


  • 51% body fat lost


The Healthy Kane County Coalition would like to thank the Southwest Utah Public Health Department, Kane County Hospital, Kane County Recreation, Kane County Events & Volunteer Center, Southwest Prevention, USU Extension, BLM, Best Friends Wellness & Fitness Center, and Mountainland Rehabilitation for all their time, effort, and donations!

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