Physical Activity

Do you lack time or motivation for regular physical activity?

Increasing your physical activity is a great way to lose weight, improve health outcomes, feel better, and have more energy. But many of us don’t have time or are simple not motivated. Here are several tips to keep you active even when don’t want to or have time.

  • Socialize with friends while walking
  • Schedule walking or standing business meetings
  • Choose to stand instead of sitting
  • Park your car so you have to walk further
  • When you walk, walk fast
  • Take the stairs, instead of the elevator
  • Play with your kids or young family members
  • Find physical activities you like to do
  • Start small, then gradually increase your activity level
  • Remember that physical activity will actually help you be more productive and motivated
  • If you do workout, workout efficiently
  • Stretch or squat randomly throughout the day or while waiting
  • Walk or stretch on breaks
  • Do housework or yard work
  • Schedule time in your day for physical activity
  • Consider physical activity something you just do, like eating or brushing your teeth
  • Stand or walk while watching kids sporting events or activities
  • Walk your dog or your neighbor’s dog
  • While grocery shopping use a basket, instead of a cart
  • Review your schedule and eliminate unnecessary things or delegate tasks to make time for physical activity
  • Use a yoga or fitness ball, instead of a chair
  • Use a standing desk at work or just stand more at work
  • Exercise while watching television or listening to music or books
  • Get a pull up bar that hangs in your door frame
  • Sit on the floor instead of your couch
  • If you miss a day just start the next day
Parents riding bikes on autumn trail with two kids.

Choose one of these and try it today!

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