COVID-19 (New Coronavirus)

You can now get tested for COVID-19 if you have even mild symptoms, including one or more of these: fever, cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches/pain, loss of taste or smell, or sore throat. CLICK HERE to find a testing location near you. We recommend you call the phone number listed before going to a testing site.

Southwest Utah is now under YELLOW COVID-19 directives. CLICK HERE for guidelines.

Hotline for individuals at high-risk of COVID-19: 877-424-4640

Utah Coronavirus Information Hotline: 800-456-7707

For Business Attestation forms, CLICK HERE


COVID-19 Cases (updated daily around 2pm. Occasional differences in numbers reported here compared to those at may occur due to reporting delays):

  • Southwest Utah Residents: 454 total confirmed cases, including:
    • 14 new cases
    • 257 (14 new) total recovered
    • 16 currently hospitalized
    • 4 deaths (3-26-20, 4-23-20, 5-3-20, 5-18-20)
    • 12,318 tests performed (as of last report received, may not be current)
    • Washington County: 374 (9 new)
    • Iron County: 74 (5 new)
    • Kane County: 3
    • Beaver County: 0
    • Garfield County: 3
  • Many of these cases can be traced to close contacts (household, friends, coworkers, etc) who had COVID-19. There are also infections from social gatherings where distancing was not practiced. Please maintain social distancing or wear a mask when in groups or in public. High-risk individuals should wear masks in all settings outside the home.
  • Any visitors/non-residents who have tested positive or are being treated in our district are being counted in their county/state of permanent residence.
  • Utah: 9,999 cases, 113 deaths (
  • United States: see latest case counts at
  • Worldwide: see latest case count at

  • DO go to work
  • DO buy groceries & essentials
  • DO pick up food from restaurants
  • DO go to healthcare appointments & the pharmacy
  • DO take care of loved ones
  • DO practice social distancing (wear a face mask when 6′ distancing not possible) when interacting in public.
  • DO take scenic drives or go outdoors to walk, run, hike, bike, hunt, fish, etc. (with social distancing)
  • DO take advantage of online & digital tools to keep in touch, shop, learn, and be entertained
  • DO continue to follow stricter guidelines if you are a high-risk individual
  • DO get pandemic information from reliable sources (like this website or
  • DO remember these measures are temporary and will help slow the spread of COVID-19 so we won’t overload our hospitals!
  • DON’T gather in social groups (besides people who live in your home) larger than 50 people
  • DON’T shake hands or share personal items
  • DON’T leave your house if you’re sick unless instructed by a healthcare provider
  • DON’T believe or spread rumors about the pandemic (most of the time they are false, exaggerated, or hurtful). Get your information from reliable sources (like this website or