COVID-19 in Southwest Utah

  • SOUTHWEST UTAH COVID-19 CASES (October 28, 2020)
    • 98 new cases reported (6,153 total confirmed cases)
    • 4,718 total recovered, 1,381 current active cases
    • 54 deaths
    • 33 residents currently hospitalized with COVID-19
    • Washington County: 84 new (4,927 total); 3,711 recovered, 45 deaths, 1,171 active cases (HIGH)
    • Iron County: 7 new (947 total); 819 recovered, 3 deaths, 125 active cases (MODERATE)
    • Kane County: 3 new (101 total); 86 recovered, 1 death, 14 active cases (LOW)
    • Beaver County: 2 new (75 total); 43 recovered, 0 deaths, 32 active cases (HIGH)
    • Garfield County: 2 new (103 total); 59 recovered, 5 deaths, 39 active cases (HIGH)
    • 62,155 total people tested (as of Oct. 28), 18.9% positive testing rate for the period of Oct. 19-28 (state is 17.9 today)
    • See the descriptions for how this data is defined at the bottom of the page

Utah is following new restrictions based on COVID-19 activity within counties.

Masks* and social gathering limits* of 10 people are mandated for counties rated as HIGH (also mandated for MODERATE COUNTIES until October 29th).

For more information specific to individuals, businesses, and schools, please click the link on the right:

*Masks to be worn in public when social distancing is not possible; social gatherings do not include sports, performances, schools, churches, or businesses

Utah Coronavirus Hotline (800) 456-7707

* Descriptions (Southwest Utah numbers reported are for residents only. Non-residents are reported to their own state/county): New Cases: Positive test results received by our health department during the past 24 hours. Actual tests may have been performed 1-5 days earlier. Recovered: Instead of reporting recoveries as being at least 3 days symptom-free after illness, we are now matching the Utah Department of Health’s criteria, which defines recovery as at least 21 days following a positive test, excluding deaths. This will still accurately reflect the status of most of our symptomatic & asymptomatic cases. Currently Hospitalized: Accounting for admits and discharges since last report. Does not include patients who are not residents of the 5-county district. Deaths: Includes: 1) confirmed cases with a positive COVID-19 test and no alternative cause of death noted on the death certificate or reported by the Office of the Medical Examiner (OME), 2) probable cases where the death certificate lists COVID-19 disease as a cause of death or a significant condition contributing to death and no alternative cause of death reported by the OME, and 3) probable cases with COVID symptoms and close contact to a confirmed case and no alternative cause of death reported by the OME or the death certificate.