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Our purpose is to provide resources and education to promote nutrition, healthy habits, an active lifestyle, safety, and injury prevention to improve quality of life and to allow each resident to reach their full health potential. To help us achieve our purpose we coordinate our efforts with partners. These partners include schools/universities, law enforcement, community organizations, churches, clinics, and local government. The Community Health Division has the following programs and services: Community Engagement, Healthy Living, Injury Prevention, Tobacco/Vaping Education and WIC (Women, Infants and Children).

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2022 | Community Health Services Summary

Partnerships: 178

Through partnerships we strengthen our reach to promote and educate on healthy living and safe transportation and to address poverty and access to services.

Community Coalitions: 34

We lead and participate in coalitions to learn about resources and coordinate our efforts with community partners to strengthen individuals and families.

Community Events: 28

We lead and participate in community and health events that promote health resources and services that allow for self-reliance.

Mobile Dental Visits: 194

We coordinated with the University of Utah to offer dental services to rural communities.

Pregnant Women Enrolled in WIC: 508

We offer education on prenatal nutrition, infant feeding, meal planning and shopping on a budget.

Clients Enrolled in WIC: 3,887

We offer individual and family nutrition assessments and education to help families obtain healthy food. We also assist with special dietary needs.

Breastfeeding Coaching Contacts: 437

Our skilled team provides breastfeeding support by phone or in-person.

Certified Car Seat Installation Checks: 147

Our certified car seat techs provide in-person education to parents and grandparents on how to properly install car seats. We also provide free car seats to those who qualify.

Vaping & Tobacco Education Reach: 6,847

Our team provides both online and in-person education to students, teachers, resource officers and parents on the harmful effects of tobacco and vaping products.

Quitline Referrals: 210

These referrals are to a cost-effective cessation program with trained coaches to help participants develop a plan. 

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