Preparedness Buddy

Natural or man-made disasters have the potential to be devastating for all of us, but they are especially serious threats to the elderly and people with disabilities. They can face challenges when it comes to physical mobility and the ability to receive and act upon critical, life-saving information.  The Preparedness Buddy program was specifically developed with these populations in mind.

  • The program starts when an educator (or relative, church member, etc) visits home bound residents and teaches them about basic emergency preparedness (using a tool like Plan 9), adapted to their specific needs.
  • The resident fills out the simple Preparedness Buddy pamphlet to identify medications, medical equipment, pets, etc.
  • The resident selects a Preparedness Buddy (accessible family member, friend, neighbor, etc.), who is contacted and informed about the person’s preparedness plan.
  • The Preparedness Buddy can be contacted in an emergency or will check on the person in such a situation and make sure they are safe or help evacuate, if necessary.